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Sauna helps to stimulate the powerful healing and detoxification abilities that the body already has.

Frequently Asked Steambath Questions.

Is there a difference between a Steambath and a Sauna?

Yes. The temperature and humidity levels differ along with the room construction. Steam is wet with a temperature generally ranging between 105 - 120+° F on average and close to 99% relative humidity. Sauna is dry with average temperatures ranging between 165 - 180+° F and with 10 - 30% humidity. Room construction for steambaths is generally ceramic tile, stone, or acrylic while cedar or redwood is used for sauna.

Can my existing tub/shower be converted to a steambath?

Depending on existing circumstances, it may be converted. However, you must get the advice of a qualified professional (a licensed contractor with plumbing and electrical experience) before proceeding ahead with your plans.

Does my existing tub/shower require any modifications to make it a steam shower?

Yes. The door and enclosure must be totally enclosed, so the steam does not escape from above. A 3/8" gap at the bottom of the door will allow cooler air to enter the shower for a more dense steam experience. (See Important Considerations for Planning Your Residential Steambath)

Can I use aromatherapy products in my steam shower?

Yes. The steam head has a dimple in the top. This allows the bather to put a couple of drops of essential oils in it. This is a wonderful enhancement to the steam experience. However, do not put oils on the steam head while steam is being emitted from the head as there is possibility for injury due to burning. Caution: Steam is 212°F, in other words, steam is HOT!

I have very hard water. Is there anything that I need to do to protect my
steam unit?

You may want to consider a whole house water treatment system if the water quality is a concern. Most steam generators can operate in conjunction with a water softener. It is important to realize that good water is a condition which is desirable for drinking as well as protecting the plumbing systems, decorative hardware, faucets and glass from the negative effects of hard water. An automatic drain is also available but not required for the generator.

Do you need an exhaust fan in the steambath?

No. After a steambath take a hot or cold shower and the steam condenses down the drain.

What do I need to install a Steamist steambath generator in my house?

The installation requirements are relatively simple with connections similar to that of a Hot Water Heater with 240 Volt Electricity and a cold (or hot) Water Supply to the unit. A Steam line to the bathing area and a Glass Steam enclosure is all that is necessary to complete the installation.

Can I use a 120V steam unit instead of a 240V generator?

A 120V generator has limited applications. It can be used in small acrylic shower units, which don't have high heat demands due to size and wall materials. In today's upscale steam showers, demands of time and materials such as marble, travertine, etc. have power requirements, which are best served by a 240V generator. Heat loss from an open door can be recovered quickly. This is not possible with a 120V unit (Ask your Sales Associate for help in sizing the proper steambath generator to avoid purchasing the improper unit or refer to the Residential Generator Sizing Guide or the Commercial Generator Sizing Guide).

NOTE: Steamist also manufactures 208V generators to match local utilities where this voltage is used.

Does the steam generator take up any usable bathroom space?

No. The unit is compact in size and can be installed preferably up to 25 feet away from the bathing area in a vanity, closet, insulated attic, or basement.

Is the unit easy to operate?

Yes. Attractive Finger Tip Time/Temperature Controls inside (or outside) the steambath make it both convenient and very comfortable to relax and enjoy a steambath.

Is the steam unit expensive to use or operate?

No. Conservative on water (1 - 1 ½ gallon average) and electricity, Steamist is a very cost effective way to relax at home. As compared to whirlpool tubs, 2-3 fills of the tub can give the bather a year's worth of steambaths.