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Sauna helps to stimulate the powerful healing and detoxification abilities that the body already has.

How to Administer a Venik Massage

A venik (a leafy birch whisk) massage- one applied through a soapy oak or birch leaf whisk scrub, is one of the best parts about visiting a Russian Bathhouse, be it in Moscow, New York or Los Angeles. And Although there are several venik techniques- waggling, compress, stroking, lashing, rubbing and stretching, the best Venik massages actually utilize all of these methods.

Step 1.

Lightly flutter the Venik above the body, barely touching the skin with the tips of the leaves.

Step 2.

Gently press the Venik against the body, and in one long stroke move it down the neck all the way to the toes, leading the way with the handle. Repeat for a few times.

Step 3.

Raise the Venik up about the body, shake it gently and firmly press it against the waist, shoulders, feet, and kness and any muscle or joint pain for a few seconds at a time.

Step 4.

Alternate strokes with lashes, Lashes should entail light hits that slide along the body.

Step 5.

Combine compress and lashing, lash the body a few times, and press it against the body.

Step 6.

Press the Venik against the body, and rub it all along the body in circular motions.

Step 7.

Press two veniks against the waist, and move them apart to the head and feet. Repeat.


How to properly prepare and soak the veniks?

Wash veniks lightly to remove loose leaves and then soak them in warm water for a few hours to soften them up. The oils that come out of the leaves in the water can be spinkled over the stones in the sauna.