Sauna Benefits |

Sauna helps to stimulate the powerful healing and detoxification abilities that the body already has.

The Basics of sauna detoxification

Why is Sweating so important?

Since the skin is our largest organ, it plays an important role in eliminating undesirable toxins. Some physicians refer to the skin as the third kidney.

Despite many attempts to live otherwise, our bodies face a constant bombardment of toxins: Fast food, cigarettes and unnatural beverages are all obvious sources of preservatives, additives and chemicals, but the true onslaught comes from environmental pollutants in our air, water and soil. When you add poor exercise regiments to the equation, the body is simply not capable of keeping up with the removal of these modern toxins…………………………………………………………………………… With sedentary living and the addition of chemicals to the skin through soaps, detergents, deodorants and lotions, the skin cannot carry out its designated functions. Sun damage also seriously impedes the skin's capacity for detoxification. A sauna can increase circulation and oxygenate the skin, restoring its detoxifying properties.


A sauna will not only aid the liver and kidneys by assisting them with the process of detoxification, in some cases it is the only way to detoxify fat stored poisons. In essence using a sauna will loosen those stored toxins, which are then deposited temporarily into the bloodstream (this is why some people who use the sauna for the first time experience a really bad head ache from the toxins entering the bloodstream).

  • In the heat of a sauna, the core body temperature begins to rise. The blood vessels dilate, causing increased blood flow. As heat from the blood moves toward the skin surfaces and the core body temperature rises, the body's nervous system sends signals to the millions of sweat glands covering the body. As the sweat glands are stimulated they produce sweat. Sweat production is primarily for cooling of the body, and is composed mostly of water – but deep sweating in a sauna can help reduce levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel and mercury – all toxins commonly picked up from our environment.
  • At the same time, skin is cleansed and dead cells are replaced, keeping your skin in good working condition.
  • Sweat rinses bacteria out of the epidermal layer and sweat ducts. Cleansing of the pores improves the capillary circulation and gives the skin a soft, beautiful appearance.

Soothes aches and pains in muscles and joints

  • Under high heat, the body releases endorphins -- the body's naturally produced pain relieving chemical. Endorphins can have a mild and enjoyable tranquilizing effect and the ability to quell the pain of arthritis (and muscle soreness from an intense physical workout).
  • Body temperature rises from the heat of the sauna, causing blood vessels to dilate and circulation to increase. The increased blood flow accelerates the body's natural healing process -- soothing aches and pains and speeding up of the healing of cuts and bruises.
  • Following sporting activity, use the heat of a sauna for muscle relaxation by helping to reduce muscle tension and eliminate lactic acid and other toxins in your muscles.